Feeling Young While Growing Older – Naturally

 My Friends Could Hardly Believe How Much Younger I Appeared

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Feel Young While Growing Older  Naturally?

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"Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally" Joan Small

“Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally” Joan Small – Print or Ebook

  • How to stop stressing about aging and start living
  • Tried and tested ways to become younger in mind and body
  • The myths about aging and why they aren’t true
  • Why changing your mind can change your body
  • Scientific studies that prove what we are told about aging is false
  • How to get out of your own way and let the body heal itself
  • Examples of overcoming illnesses and ailments naturally
  • How you can look and feel younger without medical or cosmetic assistance
  • How to become your unique self and let your light shine
  • 250 pages filled with ideas, techniques and strategies to look and feel younger as you age

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How Easy it is For Anyone to Change Their Life
and Feel Young While Growing Older

I think many people perhaps over 40 could   relate to your experiences …

Natasha Jones writes about "Feeling Young While Growing Older" Joan Smal

Natasha Jones

Wow, what a wealth of information, all in one book. I think your writing portrays a journey as much as it provides invaluable information. I think many people, perhaps over 40 could relate to your experiences.

The book was well set out, easy to read and flowed naturally from topic to topic. Many of the things you mentioned I too   have experienced or read before: however, your book was not only a good refresher and enhancer but a great reference to some valuable healthy lifestyle information.

 I was particularly impressed at the fact that you have implemented many of the  practices you learned over the years and that you have chosen to share these   gems with others.

Your energy comes across as very real, down to earth and believable. I would recommend the book to others, probably 40 plus. Mostly because it seems to be around this age that we begin to think about the time we have left on this planet and start to realise the effect that everything we think, feel, say and do has on our daily health and well-being.

Some people just don’t know where to start if their lives are filled with unhealthy lifestyle patterns. I believe that your book could almost be utilised as a healthy living guide. Great read as usual Joan. You are amazing! Love and Healthy Blessings …

Natasha Jones, Psychic   Medium, Self   Healing Facilitator, wife and mother of   two, natashajonespsychicmedium.com.au

More about the book …

“Joan actually practices what she  preaches and, as they say, the proof is in the pudding.”

Rachel Shore "Feeling Young While Growing Older" Joan Small

Rachel Shore

“Embarking on the early stages of some of those ‘not so nice’ signs of aging, I will certainly be taking note of Joan’s suggestions.

What makes this book really outstanding to me is its ability to change your whole attitude to the aging process, leaving you feeling good about the years that are still to come. 

If your aim is to have a spring in your step in your later years, you’ll certainly need to learn some of Joan’s secrets that focus on your state of mind and your attitude to change.

One of my favorite lines from the book: ‘Sometimes it is just a matter of getting out of our own way to allow the process of mind-body  magic to occur.’ 

… Rachel Shore, mother, writer and  Employment Lawyer

And from Teresa in USA – March 2014

Hi Joan,
I just finished reading your ebook ‘Feeling Young…’ and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it, as the information (especially the chapter about the mind), helped me re-frame my thinking.

I am especially grateful for your position on doctors / pharmaceuticals etc. as I am currently dealing with older parents (early 80’s) who look to doctors as ‘God,’ and I have seen first hand the negative effects.

I will share some of your book with my parents, but I’m not holding my breath..! My father has lived his entire life talking about how ‘it’s hell to get old,’ and of course, for him it IS hell. His negativity has not only made his life one filled with fear/doubt/anger, but it has also clouded every family member’s (especially my mom’s) attitudes and feeling about EVERYTHING.  It has been and is a real struggle sometimes to remain objective.

I have made numerous attempts to help them see there is a different way (I try to be an example by my choice to trust God & the body’s ability to heal itself = no doctors/medications unless absolutely necessary), but they think I’m crazy! They overlook the fact that I’m HEALTHY! … Teresa

Who Is Joan Small?

Joan Small author of "Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally" - How To Feel Young

Joan Small

Joan     Small A.U.A. Has served in many fields, and has taken part in many pursuits which have kept her young and active all her life. Her career has been in teaching, tourism, politics, customer service, public relations, business speaking and more, and in 1997 she was a finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards. Joan served as a counsellor for the Australian Breastfeeding Association   as well as being a wife, mother, and now grandmother. She spent more than 20 years in the nutrition industry helping others regain health, energy and vitality. 

Joan has put into practice all the strategies she suggests for feeling young while growing older, and demonstrates with possibility thinking and energized action how anyone can follow in her footsteps.

As a writer, in 2004 Joan conducted   surveys and did extensive research to write ‘The Energy Book for Life – the  Guidebook to Energized Living’ ‘www.theeenergybook.com) She has since written several other personal development books.  Following is her story …

How To Feel Young - Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally - Joan Small
“Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally” Joan Small Print or Ebook


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Dear  ‘Young At Heart’ woman,

I never thought I would be here talking about How To Feel Young While Growing Older’…

In fact, I didn’t believe I would grow older – but the years have a tendency to fly by.

Joan Small with poets, Jeff the Poet and Roger

With Poets Jeff and Roger on Australia Day 2013

But now I find myself in ‘The Third Age’, having overcome all manner of obstacles, but still able to laugh, have fun and enjoy life free of illnesses and ailments except for the occasional small ‘twinge’.  I can even look in the mirror and like what I see.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be helping other women to do what I have done so that they too can awake each day with joy and happiness.

To actually live a life where I don’t have to feel pain, stress, worry or regret … to not have to make frequent visits to a doctor or hospital or to pop pills just to get me through the day, and to not fear the future because I am deteriorating with age is a magical thing!

Some days I just pinch myself as I review what my life is now, compared to when I was younger but  sometimes feeling older than I do now …

How I created illnesses and accidents, and how I allowed myself to become sick, infirm and aged.

Seeing the way I am now and how others perceive my youthfulness – even wanting to emulate me – and being able to choose the people I have around me and the activities I involve myself in that are not age-related,  I marvel. 

What a change – you just have to try it.

So let me take you back to where my change began …

My concern about aging started when I was 19 years old, and my girlfriend pointed out that we were ‘getting old’.

I began to notice some people who were aging gracefully and others who allowed their bodies and minds to deteriorate.

This started me on a life-long mission to determine how to stay youthful throughout life, naturally!

Mother - Joan Small "Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally" Of course life gets in the way. I married, had three children and a busy teaching career as well as being involved in community activities.

But throughout the ‘busy-ness’ of my life I remained an observer continuing to learn and practice ways to stay young.

These experiences have enabled me to pull together a wealth of valuable information that you can use to also feel young as you grow older, the way I did.

It was not always plain sailing

As we all do, I had challenges and setbacks – ill health, broken bones, a marriage break-up, moving house on my own to a new state, financial challenges, being alone and having to make new friends.

These are all things that can affect whether we feel and look older.

There have been times when I ‘dropped the ball’ and allowed myself to go down. The photos over the years reflected how I aged.

I discovered that a large part of aging was what was going on in my mind – what I worried about and my beliefs – the habits I had gotten into as a result of reflecting the world I lived in.

Do you find it hard to break old habits?

  • Do you worry about getting sick or looking old as the years go by?
  • Do you believe that pain and illness are a natural part of growing old?
  • Are you of the school that medications and popping pills are normal with aging?
  • Are you sceptical about natural methods and think they will not be sufficient to keep you young?
  • Do you think you will be putting your life at risk if you don’t follow the accepted beliefs on aging?
  • Are you concerned that you will lose your friends if you choose a different path?
  • Do you believe it is not appropriate to feel too young and energized?

These were all things I had to face up to as I experienced and studied more about how we can stay young as we age, and I can honestly say it was worth it to become more of the real me

At times I suffered from guilt, blame and regret over emotional issues, and at other times I injured my body with falls, broken bones and other injuries. My body was bent from mis-treatment and laziness. Sometimes I succumbed to serious illnesses. But I didn’t want to feel like this. It was limiting my success and happiness.

You may not be suffering to the same extent as I did, but  you may relate to the feeling of being old.

Over the years I observed, studied and learned much more about aging and how to turn back the clock …

I lived for many years in the harsh climate of Australia’s Northern Territory, and I observed one lady in particular whose skin was wrinkled and dry. This led to my resolve to care for my skin both inside and out – with good nutrition and creams.

By going through mild depression, excessively eating sugary foods and putting on weight I learned to change my  emotions and state of mind and so to change my body.  

Have you ever experienced this? 

I heard a talented lady say about the life changes she made:

“When you are faced with no alternative, everything becomes clear’. She took that leap of faith and everything turned around in her life”.

There is no reason why you cannot take that leap of faith also

With me, I realised if I wanted to be happy and healthy – energized and youthful no matter what my age – I had to get some help and training. This worked for me, and as I went through various stages and the ups and downs of life I clung to the desire to stay young.

One of the things I did was to choose my own path, rather than have others choose it for me

By doing this I was able to trust my own intuition and knowledge rather than to take at face value the accepted views. I became a ‘Copernicus’ discovering a new and different way of being.

What can happen if you follow the accepted view on aging?

Joan Small - old energy - old body 2007
Joan Small – old energy – old body 2007

These are just some of the accepted signs of aging:

  • Skin changes – wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • Whitening or greying of the hair, and balding or thinning of hair
  • Body changes – fat added in the centre of the body
  • Muscle loss
  • Bone density decrease
  • In women, the breasts lose support
  • In both men and women, changes in the reproductive system.
  • Spotting of the skin
  • Eyes – drooping eyelids, loss of pigment in the iris
  • Loss of teeth, receding gums – ‘long in the tooth’
  • Nails grow more slowly – show ridges
  • Senses may decline – sight, taste, touch, smell, hearing
  • Reduction in the immune system  and thus the  ability to fight disease
  • Organ changes – all vital organs  lose some function

Scary, isn’t it?

Joan Small looking and feeling young 2010

Joan Small looking and feeling young 2010

If you agree with the above list and align with it, then you can look forward to getting older, physically, mentally and emotionally – eventually losing control of your life and being ‘cared for’ by family or institutions.

Do you want this – or do you want to stay young?

Do You Believe You Can Turn Back the Clock?

I do. The two photos above and at the right show what I looked like in 2007 when I allowed myself to buy into the belief in ‘getting old’, and I took on ‘old energy’, and then in 2010, three years later.

It took me a while to turn back the clock, but I did it. The proof is in the pictures. You can see how I changed between 2007 and 2010, and I haven’t looked back since. This was all done naturally!

Scientific Studies

The information provided by Joan Small in ‘Feeling Young While Growing Older’ is backed up by scientific studies such as:

Dr Ellen J Langer, author of  ‘Counter Clockwise – A Proven Way to Think Yourself Younger and Healthier’

On Long Term and Short Term Memory Loss – Study

‘A new view of memory derived from such evidence may lead us to believe that memory as we age may be less diminished than previously believed … we are more likely to remember things that are meaningful …


Psychosomatic Illnesses

‘How would things be different if we viewed all disease as psychosomatic? If this were the case, it might seem unreasonable and perhaps irresponsible not to try to heal ourselves. We have been mistakenly convinced that our bodies are separate from our minds.’


‘We look at ourselves and declare that we are either healthy or sick. … Our  beliefs are crucial to our well-being.’ (Page 78)

‘When the results of a biopsy bring us a diagnosis of cancer … many of us lose our earlier identities and become ‘a cancer patient’, a label that opens us up to all the negative effects of labels.’

‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ Norman  Doidge MD

‘Paul Bach-y-Rita’s importance lies in his being the first of  his generation of neuroscientists both to understand that the brain is plastic and to apply this knowledge in a practical way to ease human suffering. Implicit in all his work is the idea that we are all born with a far more adaptable, all-purpose, opportunistic brain than we have understood.’

‘Merzenich (Michael Merzenich neuroscientist) told me, ‘everything that you can see happen in a young brain can happen in an older brain”  The only requirement is that the person must have enough of a reward, or punishment, to keep paying attention through what might otherwise be a boring training session. If so, he says, “The changes can be every bit as great as the changes in a newborn.”  

More and more people are living past 100.

There have been 22 verified super-centenarians from Australia, people who have attained the age of at least 110 years.

The oldest person ever from Australia was Christina Cock who died in 2002, aged 114 years 148 days. She lived independently until she was 109 years old and died in her sleep.

Eva McConnell, who died on 15th August 2012 aged 111 years and 102 days lived with her daughter and son-in-law from the age of 102 and was chopping wood until she was 100.

As of 8 April 2013, Jane Gray was aged 111 years 128 days. She was living with her daughter in Victoria Australia. At her 111th birthday she set her goal – to outlive the world’s oldest person, the spritely 116-year-old American woman, Besse Cooper.

According to an article in ‘The Telegraph’ (Sydney) Jane said, ‘I don’t feel any different, only I can’t walk very much’.

You Have So Much Information And Practical Ways For Anyone To Make Changes

Margo Knox writes about "Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally" Joan Small - How to Feel Young

Margo Knox

In your book I have discovered all kinds of reminders for me, and as I let them sink in the page turning is on the go.

I love the first chapters on the mind … you have so much information and practical ways for anyone to make changes or to be reminded that we are responsible for what we hear see and do, but have the power of the Universe on which to call at any moment.

In a way your book is quite confrontational. At first I went, “Oh I know all this” … then as I got personal with your stories I started to see how much “I let slide” in my own life, all of which   is okay because I always need to be pushed along. (I am at present adjusting my laptop to eye level and although I bought a new chair recently I have to remind myself not to slouch.)

The other thing I got was how open you are to suggestions as to how to “move forward” in consciousness. I really appreciated that, because I also saw how good I am at closing my ears to the endless amounts of “help” out there. It is more a matter of – it’s   in front of me – listen … I   really want many books to be sold.’

Margo Knox  “Baby Boomers with Purpose, Balance, Freedom, Fulfilment” –  Author, Speaker, Mentor  (retirementwithapurpose.org)

How To Feel Young - Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally - Joan Small

“Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally” Joan Small Print or Ebook

Print Book with Bonuses  (Australia Only) Click on the button below to purchase.

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Whether you want to live beyond 100 or not this book can help you to be healthy and youthful at any age.

You can …

  • Change your attitude towards aging
  • Understand and believe how the body can heal itself
  • Choose natural ways to reverse the signs of aging
  • Become mindful of what the media, the medical and scientific industries are trying to convince you of that do not serve you
  • Let go of thoughts that are not serving you, and may be making you sick, sad or angry
  • Examine the emotional factors behind many illnesses and ailments
  • Choose to live with joy and gratitude
  • Focus on the things that are right in your body and life, and thus expand them
  • Associate with others who will enhance your feeling of youthfulness
  • Love yourself and share that love with others around you
  • Live to the age you choose to with enjoyment every day

Don’t get me wrong, there is a great deal of information in the world, and on the internet about how to look and feel younger?

For women, a lot of the advice given relates to how to make yourself more beautiful, and much of it uses un-natural methods – diets and food-fads, medical and pharmaceutical methods.

Other sites and courses tell you about make-overs, botox or plastic surgery – or how to wear younger clothes, higher heels, heavier make-up or perfume, expensive hair styles and more.

You will probably have realized that no amount of ‘window dressing’ will make you feel more youthful.

In fact you may spend so much time worrying about how you look that you will forget how to be the real ‘you’.

Joan Small modelling school

Modelling School

Sure, I did go to a modelling school, and my graduation photo shows that I was poised and attractive, but that was a long time ago.

 A few years ago I attended a one-day deportment class, and found I had to work through a knee problem to be able to walk on the catwalk. However, I discovered it was possible to heal this problem by natural methods and to confidently be part of a class with beautiful girls much younger in years than I was.

The best part was the friendships I made – tapping into the youthful energy of these young ladies made me realise that we are all the same inside, no matter what our age.

Joan Small with Deportment Group

Joan Small 2010 with Deportment Group – Joan second from left.

Are you concerned that:

  • The solutions offered may not work for you
  • If you become too youthful you may make your peers think you are getting above themselves.
  • You may have to spend lots of money on make-overs, clothes, courses etc
  • You may lose your identity if you change too much
  • You think others will consider you  foolish
  • You may to lose your partner/ family / friends if you change too much
  • It may be hard work – take up too much time
  • You may have to step too far out of your comfort zone
  • You may grow away from others
  • Your partner/family/friends may not understand why you want to do this
  • You may be challenged to do something you don’t understand
  • You are afraid it might be too much information – you may have failed at previous courses.
  • You are afraid it might take too much time out of your already busy schedule

 What this Book is not …

  • It’s not a beauty course
  • It isn’t a health or fitness course – though it will help you become more healthy and fit
  • It’s not a self-esteem course, although it will help you with self-esteem issues you have
  • Neither is it a magic pill that you can swallow and suddenly become younger
  • It does not require you to invest in costly make-overs, clothing, other courses or anything else, and
  • It doesn’t require you to drastically change what you are doing now

Feeling Younger doesn’t have to cost you lots of money

The book “Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally”:

  • Will provide you with a way to make changes that you choose that will change your life by you feeling younger while growing older
  • Is divided into sections so you can focus most on the areas you are most challenged with, and won’t take large chunks of your time
  • Will help you look and feel younger whether dressed to the nines, or when casual or relaxed
  • Will help you dare to be different – accept yourself and others as the perfection you are inside, and accept others as they are too

After all, beauty may be skin deep but youthful energy goes through and through

You will become more of who you really are, and others will see your beauty within.

What A Nutritionist Says About “Feeling Young While Growing Older, Naturally”

Honesty and Candour

Pamela Vinten writes about Joan Small book "Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally" - How To Feel Young

Pamela Vinten

I really   enjoyed reading Joan’s book and found her honesty and candour refreshing.   Joan has allowed herself to appear human in her stories and lessons learned  in life. I find myself being reminded of her tips throughout the day and  changing my behaviour accordingly.

As a young   60 year old I agree with Joan’s philosophy of life on feeling younger and  recommend that everybody read her book. After all, who wants to get old? …

Pamela Vinten, author, and nutritionist. superhealthymeals.com

How To Feel Young - Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally - Joan Small

“Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally” Joan Small

Print Book with Bonuses  (Australia Only) Click on the button below to purchase.

Ebook with Bonuses (Australia and International) Click on the button below to purchase in USD.

Here’s a quick preview of some of the valuable information you will have at your fingertips …

  • My story – what led me to learn about and experience ways to remain younger as I grew older
  • How to emulate success strategies used by myself and others to feel young and let your light shine
  • How to tap into the power of the mind to attain and maintain a healthy body
  • Countering the ‘Mind Control’ in the media and community that tries to convince us of the inevitability of the negative signs of aging
  • Examples of people who have lived and are living happy and healthy lives beyond 100
  • Why it is not necessary to lose memory as we grow older
  • Neuroplasticity – scientific evidence of a brain that ‘changes itself’
  • Scientific studies of ‘turning the clock back beyond 70′


      • Introduction … 1
      • My Story … 5
      • Chapter 1  What Is ‘Age’?  Is It Real? …7
      • Chapter 2 The Opposite of Aging is Youthening …20
      • Chapter 3 The Power Of The Mind …26
      • Chapter 4  The Body – A Healer … 54
      • Chapter 5  Memory Loss With Aging – True or False? … 70
      • Chapter 6  Living in the Present … 81
      • Relationships … 84
      • Chapter 7 Gilding the Lily … 94
      • Chapter 8 Water … 102
      • Chapter 9 Nutrition … 110
      • Chapter 10 Alignment and Movement … 124
      • Chapter 11 The Body’s Hormones … 135
      • Chapter 12 Flow and Blocked Flow … 140
      • Chapter 13 Practical Ways to Handle Blocked Flows … 149
      • Chapter 14 Don’t Dwell On It … 172
      • Chapter 15 The Breath Of Life … 199
      • Chapter 16 Laughter and Fun – the Greatest Youthener … 208
      • Chapter 17 Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life … 216
      • Chapter 18 Peace and Contentment … 223
      • Joan’s Tips For Feeling Younger  While Growing Older … 225

A Happier and Healthier Feeling Life

Sylvia St Clair writes about 'Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally" Joan Small How To Feel Young

Sylvia St Clair

This wonderful book by Joan Small encapsulates simple but profound concepts for a happier, healthier and younger feeling life. Joan’s ideas take dedication and focus to work and they will work, as positive thinking gives us all richness of spirit.

Sylvia St. Clair, Clairvoyant, Clinical Hypntherapist, Artist, Inspirational Speaker.

How To Feel Young - Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally - Joan Small

“Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally” Joan Small – Print or Ebook

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 FREE Extra Special Gift Bonuses

FREE Bonus #1 “Staying Positive Around Negative People” – Ebook

In this eBook you will discover:

    • What is a ‘negative person’?
    • Why it is difficult to live up to to other’s expectations, and how not to attract criticism and judgement.
    • How to handle it when people say negative things, and call names?
    • What can I do when I feel I am being judged?
    • How to handle negative people?
    • How to continue to have confidence and self esteem in a negative environment?
    • How to handle the workplace bully

FREE Bonus #2 “The Energy Book Bite #1” How To Energize Your Life – a 40 page Excerpt from “The Energy Book For Life – Joan Small”

What will you get?

    • The Energy Survey – What creates energy and how can you have more? From page 13
    • The energy journey – limiting beliefs and ‘paper play’ From page18
    • What energizes celebrities and other people? From page 23
    • How to have energy daily by choosing to do only those things that energize you

You may be saying:

“Okay Joan, it sounds like you have gone to a lot of trouble … How much is it going to cost?”

Well, that’s the best part. For all the time, effort and the experience and knowledge in this book from myself and others I could easily charge $77 – it is a comprehensive step by step guide to help you change your life.

To be honest with you, if I added up the hours and effort I’ve put into this book and all the experience I have had and living I have done then I would have to charge you thousands of dollars in time.

The time and money I will save you by not having to purchase, experiment with and try artificial solutions to aging would add more to the cost.

But I want to make it reasonable for you. So, for the equivalent price of a new hair style you can have my special book and all the bonuses, for only $57.00.

Considering the amount of money you normally spend on hair, make-up, clothing and perhaps medications and cosmetic procedures to make yourself feel younger, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a tiny investment to allow you to feel and look younger all the time, right?

But here’s another little surprise for you … Since this is all fresh and current information I’d like to give you an extra special bonus just as a way to say thank you for allowing me the privilege of helping you feel young while growing older, and if you are willing to give me feedback on my new book it will be fair exchange for such a low price.

I am slashing a total of $50 off the value price because I have included some extra information, and I want as many people as possible
to get it immediately

I’m not sure how long I will keep it at this special price, but since you’re here now, you can grab the whole package for only $27.00.

But you really have to jump on quick because, like I said, I will be bumping the price up soon.

I just really want to eliminate any excuses at all for not buying this book.

So for a measly $27 I’m sure no one can say it is too expensive. That’s great value in anyone’s language.

I’m going to be blunt here … I wouldn’t forgive myself if I passed up the opportunity to feel younger naturally, the way I always wanted to feel, just because I was watching my pennies too much to spend $27 on this valuable information – surely my happiness and well-being in life are worth more that $27 to ensure I can be feeling young as I grow older.

Sorry, as you can tell, I’m pretty passionate about this topic. That’s because I know how these strategies have worked for me and others, and changed our lives, and I know they can for you too.

How To Feel Young - Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally - Joan Small

“Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally” Joan Small Print or Ebook

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One more thing

Just in case you’re not 100% sure if you are making the right decision, I’d like to take 100% of the risk away from you and put it ALL on my shoulders.

How am I doing that?  Simple. Here’s my Zero Risk Guarantee. Check it out.


–        No Questions Asked –

100% Money Back Guarantee

"Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally" Joan Small

Here’s how it works … In the unlikely event that you are not 100% convinced that my book has helped you to feel younger while growing older, naturally, or … if for some reason you feel that it didn’t meet your expectations, then please contact me immediately for a prompt and swift refund.

Because I don’t want one person to ever complain that I have taken one single dollar off somebody that I didn’t deserve! I want you to feel confident that I am on your side with no sneaky ulterior motives.

 Helping other women be energized and to feel young no matter what their age is my passion and my mission.

How To Feel Young - Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally - Joan Small

“Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally” Joan Small Print or Ebook

Print Book with Bonuses  (Australia Only) Click on the button below to purchase.

Ebook with Bonuses (Australia and International) Click on the button below to purchase in USD.

My friends told me I am crazy doing this …

“What are you doing Joan? People on the internet are just going to rip you off – buy your book – get all of your great information – then ask for their money back and laugh all the way”, warned my friends.

But, you know what?  I choose to believe that the majority of people out there are good hearted and honest, and wouldn’t want to do that! Call me naïve but I’m sure the ‘good people’ in the world will appreciate this e-Guide and not be deceitful like that.

So let’s recap what you’re going to get

Print Book Option – Australia only – AUD

What   you get Valued Your   Cost
Print Book in Australia  “Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally”  Joan Small $77 $27
FREE   Bonus #1 “Negativity No More – Staying Positive Around Negative People” –   Ebook $27 Nil
FREE   Bonus #2 “The Energy Book Bite #1” How To Energize Your Life – a 40   page Excerpt from “The Energy Book For Life – Joan Small”
Total Value
$27$131 Nil

 Your Price Print Book with Bonuses (Aus)

$27 AU

E-Book Option – All Countries – USD

What   you get Valued Your   Cost
EBook “Feeling Young While Growing Older Naturally”  Joan Small plus $77 $19
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So there you have it …

You’ve really got nothing to lose, right?

With the information included in this book you can be assured that you are equipped with the knowledge you want to feel young as you grow older, and let your light shine, even in the third age.

And you know what, the changes you make could help you to become happier in all areas of your life.

So, what are you waiting for?

I’m sure you care as much about your health and happiness as you age as I did, and continue to do. I continue to use the techniques in this book to maintain and add to my joy of life, vitality and youthfulness. It certainly has been worth the time, effort and energy in putting the information together, and having the experience of creating life changes for others.

And I really wish and hope you have the same experiences too …

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Live With Energy

Joan Small

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